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Sophia Brueckner at Intersections

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Stamps Assistant Professor Sophia Brueckner exhibited and presented an artist talk on the Embodisuit at Intersections: the 16th Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology at Connecticut College February 15 – 17.

The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology at Connecticut College is pleased to present Intersections: the 16th Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology.

The aim of the symposium, now in its thirty-second year, is to create a forum for multidisciplinary dialogue at the intersection of arts, technology and contemporary culture. The symposium brings artists and researchers from a wide range of fields together to engage, interact and share ideas as they present new works, research and performances in a variety of formats. Featured events include a keynote address by Krzysztof Wodiczko, a Natalie Bookchin exhibition, several commissioned multi-disciplinary works, paper presentations, workshops, gallery exhibitions, music concerts, installations, screenings, public interventions and live media performances. Newly commissioned works will be presented alongside selected works by symposium participants.

Thematic Threads:

  • Alternative futurisms: New narratives of the future being crafted and told in any medium, with an emphasis on alternatives to the story told by Silicon Valley, Wall Street and TED.
  • Experimental systems for awareness, equity and justice: Leveraging existing and emerging technological mediums, tools or systems for questioning power and / or promoting increased connection, awareness, equity and justice by activists and artists
  • Hybrid bodies: Bio-politics and borders, intersectional identities, chimeras, and cyborgs