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Sindhu Giri: Transitioning From Learning UX Design to A Career

brightly colored grid of cartooned icons showing tools of a developer and designer's trade: pencils, compter screens, charts, and app icons.

Sindhu Giri (BA 2019, BS 2019) is a UX Technical Expert at Thinkful (Chegg). She mentors Thinkful students as they complete the UX Design bootcamp curriculum and provides advice on applying for jobs and working in industry positions. 

In a new Thinkful blog post, Giri explains some of the gaps between UX Design curriculum in the classroom and how it’s practiced in the industry, and gives helpful tips on addressing them.

After working in a range of corporate and freelance positions, I’ve developed a strong understanding of how UX Design deliverables are executed in the field and how UX designers communicate with other stakeholders. Through this article, I want to convey the necessary concepts an aspiring UX designer should know in order to successfully transition into industry.

Transitioning From Learning UX Design to A Career: Tips From An Expert | Thinkful