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Sherri Moore and Blake Ratcliffe: Fairfield Parent+Child Carrel

Mom and baby using the Fairfield carrel in a library

The Fairfield Parent+Child Carrel, a library workstation designed by Stamps alum Sherri Moore (BFA 1982) and her husband Blake Ratcliffe (BA 1984) for TMC, has been widely covered in the media after a viral Twitter post. The Fairfield Parent+Child Carrel allows caretakers of young children to take full advantage of library resources and get work done with a toddler in tow.

Sherri and Blake are founders of TMC, The Makers Creative, a children’s and library furniture company. They have a design office in Ann Arbor and a factory in Grand Rapids. Blake describes going viral: 

Things haven’t slowed down. We spent the first week surfing a tsunami as the response on Twitter rose to a quarter million: Sherri and I along with our sales team worked day and night responding to 32,000 comments on Twitter and Instagram, plus rising interest from the news media.

The Fairfield Parent+ Child Carrel has been featured in NYMagazine/​Curbed, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Newsweek, Fox News, LA Times, Good Morning America, CBS Mornings, The Sunday Times of London, and The Independent.