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Sherlonya Turner Reviews Osborne Macharia and Blinky Bill Stamps Presentation

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In a recent post on Pulp, the Ann Arbor District Library’s online arts and culture magazine, Sherlonya Turner reviewed the September 13, 2018 Penny W. Stamps Distinguished Speaker Series presentation by Osborne Macharia and Blinky Bill.

Kenyan photographer Osborne Macharia stood on the stage of the Michigan Theater on September 13 and said he hoped the audience would have a better understanding of the Afrofuturism concept by the end of the evening. Mancharia’s website describes Afrofuturism as an artistic repurpose of the post-colonial African narrative through integrating historical elements, present culture and future aspirations of people of color by using narrative, fantasy, and fiction to highlight African identity.”

From the Ancient to the Future: Osborne Macharia and Blinky Bill on Afrofuturism | Pulp