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Shane Darwent: Flat End Dome at Spencer Brownstone Gallery

Shane Darwent Postcard 28129

Work by Shane Darwent (MFA 17) is featured in a solo show opening in NYC this Wednesday, September 12th at Spencer Brownstone Gallery. 

The exhibition, Flat End Dome, will showcase two brand new awning inspired sculptures along with a curation of Darwent’s sculpture and photographs from the past year. 

Spencer Brownstone Gallery is thrilled to announce Flat End Dome, our first exhibition with artist Shane Darwent. Utilizing a wide range of materials and mediums Darwent unpacks the visual vernacular of American architecture and reassembles them into monuments of urban living.

Darwent’s interests lie somewhere in between the city and the suburbs. Vinyl siding, fences with broken links, and gravel forms, familiar in any region, are featured in his work. His dismantling and collaging of veneers and faux-material exposes their mimicry and converts them into monuments to these memories.

The three large-scale sculptures, Basalt, Ballast, and Bus Stop are composed of multiple store front awnings. These illuminated monoliths are instantly recognizable and yet easily overlooked by those traversing the city. The vivid colors and drum-tight vinyl that seem to herald prosperity often fade and loosen overtime. In Darwent’s work, these events offer opportunity to patch and transform, becoming painterly swatches of colors and shapes.

Shane Darwent: Flat End Dome
September 12 – October 282018
Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 12, 6 – 8 pm