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Seth Weiner: Choir Corridor

MAK Weiner

Seth Weiner’s (BFA 2005) Choir Corridor, a score for a site — and space — specific performance in the Main Hall of Vienna’s MAK Museum, will be performed on Thursday, Nov. 26

In collaboration with a professional choir, the work examines the interplay of human interaction and space in regard to group dynamics, mechanisms of crowd control, protest movements and the potential for voice to approximate a barrier. — Curated by Marlies Wirth Unable to immediately turn in any direction the entrance stretches through the corridor, prolonged by a view of itself from above. Unplugged faces, rehearsing one another’s limits, voices approaching the sensation of stability. Working with whatever together becomes, each wall holds its own set of instructions; an almost-object with a minimum of sixty-five members. The group unravels into its figures, the architectural consequences of all of those bodies pressed together in space.” 

Choir Corridor
8.00 P.M., Tuesday, Nov. 26 
MAK Nite Lab — MAK Columned Main Hall 
The Museum of Applied Arts Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna, AT