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Sara Radin: How Starting a Passion Project Changed My Life


Stamps alumna Sara Radin (BA 2011) recently published Lost and Found: How Starting a Passion Project Changed My Life, her first article for HuffPost. This piece documents her experience starting a passion project, cultureisland, as well as the things she learned about herself and life along the way.

I started cultureisland as a way to document my curiosities and learn more about the world around me. It’s a platform that allows me to explore the diverse things that inspire me both on and offline. Through the small talk” series, I’ve connected with creative-minded people from all over the world to share their stories and inspirations. I’m planning a variety of hybrid pop-up events in which I collaborate with emerging talents working in art, fashion, music and film. I’m also partnering with a range of non-profits to raise awareness about causes I feel passionate about.

Lost and Found: How Starting a Passion Project Changed My Life