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Sam Detch: Recent Career Updates

Detch the noble sponsor 01 150dpi

Sam Detch (BFA 11) gives an update on recent projects, exhibitions and activities.

As a part of my Stamps thesis work I completed a large bronze sculpture of my father and me to commemorate his fight against cancer. In March 2015 the sculpture will be installed in its permanent public home, the cancer ward of Advocate Health Care’s Christ Medical Center. The piece can be viewed on my website, and is entitled Goodbye”.

After my father died, my work shifted to the politics of art and the art market. From google images, I sculpted portrait busts of iconic players: Robert Hughes (ex New York Times art critic), Eli Broad (billionaire collector and museum director), and Marian Goodman (dealer NYC and Paris). Marian Goodman actually became the happy owner of her own bust. I was offered to show my thesis work at the Woeske Gallery in Berlin (my first show and international show) http://​www​.woeskegallery​.com/en. Resulting in a two page spread in the magazine art​.es.

With regard to my most recent activities, soon after leaving Michigan I moved to New York where I attended the New York Academy of Art Master’s Program. I completed my Master’s program about nine months ago and was hired on working for a hyper realist sculptor, Carole Feuerman as one of her head fabricators. but I was not satisfied working as a technician. Now, I am living in Punta Arenas, Chile (South Patagonia) with my fiancé, a painter, Daniela Kovacic. I have been here for just over three months and my Spanish has improved everyday. I will be getting married this coming August. I have a studio here and am continuing my thesis work.