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Rowan Renee: Dialogue on Gender and Photography Featured in Aperture

Z 1

Rowan Renee (MFA 2019) and collaborator Arno Mokros were recently featured by The Aperture Foundation. This feature is excerpted from a much longer dialogue that has spanned over two years, fifty written pages, and many hours of recorded audio. The two first met in 2015, during an open studio at Pioneer Works (Brooklyn, NY), where Rowan presented work as an artist in residence. The photographs on view were from Z, a series of nude ambrotypes dealing with gender ambiguity across a spectrum of trans, cis and gender-nonconforming identities. The piece discusses the power of images that are created by and for the queer gaze, and the subjectivity inherent in both the making and looking at images. 

Queer Looking, Queer Being | Aperture Foundation