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Ron Eglash: Designing for Generative Justice

A group of people pose joyfully for the camera holding small wood models and brightly colored fabric.
Artisans and entrepreneurs from the Creativity Group in Kumasi, Ghana pose for a photo with professor Eglash during his 2019 visit. Photo courtesy the Creativity Group. 

Students in Stamps Professor Ron Eglash’s Design for Generative Justice class work closely with artisans and entrepreneurs in Kumasi, Ghana, exploring what it means to build — and keep — value in a community. The class and the projects related to it are a demonstration of Eglash’s work around generative justice,” as featured in a new U‑M Arts & Cultures article.

While the idea of a circular economy is common for environmental value, there is often little attention paid to labor and social value,” said Eglash, who is a professor at Stamps and the U‑M School of Information. The goal of the class is for students to explore what it might mean to allow all of those elements to cycle value back to the grassroots creatives, whether those are people, plants or other agents of generativity.”

From Michigan to Ghana: Designing for Generative Justice | Arts & Culture