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Roland Graf: Red Carpet for the GrazMuseum

Redcarpet mail

Roland Graf’s artist collective Assocreation custom-made a Red Carpet for the entrance of the GrazMuseum in Graz, Austria. This work will be open to the public as part of the group exhibition Summer Games”, on display until Aug 31, 2015. The exhibition also features Assocreation’s 2nd edition of their Dumpster Swimming Pool”.

Eight offers invite you to leave behind the urban hustle and bustle for a moment and not only to view art but to actively experience it. Touching things and trying them out is absolutely allowed in this exhibition — and even desirable! (…) Interactive installations, which have almost all been specifically conceived for the Summer Games”, convey an idea of the subject of playing games and its aspects but above all the relevance of meandering around and drifting.”

GrazMuseum | Summer Games