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Roland Graf: Augmented Reality Teach-Out

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Together with School of Information faculty Michael Nebeling and Steve Oney, Stamps Associate Professor Roland Graf developed an online course exploring Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Virtual Reality. This course is part of UM’s Teach-out initiative and supported by the Office of Academic Innovation. It will be open the public from March 26th through Monday, April 9th, 2018, and can be accessed here: https://​www​.cours​era​.org/​l​e​a​r​n​/​a​u​g​m​e​n​t​e​d​-​r​e​a​l​i​t​y​-​v​i​r​t​u​a​l​-​r​e​a​l​i​t​y​-​m​i​x​e​d​-​r​e​ality.

This Teach-Out examines the present and possible futures of Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR) through conversations with leading experts and practitioners in this ever-evolving world of digital interfaces. In this Teach-Out, we explore opportunities of these emerging technologies in domains ranging from medicine and nursing, to landscaping and architectural design, to multimedia and entertainment, to education and research. We also discuss dark patterns and new challenges associated with these new interfaces, such as authenticity, accessibility, and privacy.”