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Roland Graf: Augmented Reality Teach-Out

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Together with School of Infor­ma­tion fac­ulty Michael Nebel­ing and Steve Oney, Stamps Asso­ciate Pro­fes­sor Roland Graf devel­oped an online course explor­ing Aug­mented Real­ity, Mixed Real­ity, and Vir­tual Real­ity. This course is part of UM’s Teach-out ini­tia­tive and sup­ported by the Office of Aca­d­e­mic Inno­va­tion. It will be open the pub­lic from March 26th through Mon­day, April 9th, 2018, and can be accessed here: https://​www​.cours​era​.org/​l​e​a​r​n​/​a​u​g​m​e​n​t​e​d​-​r​e​a​l​i​t​y​-​v​i​r​t​u​a​l​-​r​e​a​l​i​t​y​-​m​i​x​e​d​-​r​e​ality.

This Teach-Out exam­ines the present and pos­si­ble futures of Aug­mented Real­ity (AR), Mixed Real­ity (MR), and Vir­tual Real­ity (VR) through con­ver­sa­tions with lead­ing experts and prac­ti­tion­ers in this ever-evolv­ing world of dig­i­tal inter­faces. In this Teach-Out, we explore oppor­tu­ni­ties of these emerg­ing tech­nolo­gies in domains rang­ing from med­i­cine and nurs­ing, to land­scap­ing and archi­tec­tural design, to mul­ti­me­dia and enter­tain­ment, to edu­ca­tion and research. We also dis­cuss dark pat­terns and new chal­lenges asso­ci­ated with these new inter­faces, such as authen­tic­ity, acces­si­bil­ity, and privacy.”