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Robert Platt: Solo Exhibitions in Ireland, South Korea, and New York

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This fall, Stamps Assistant Professor Robert Platt has had three solo exhibitions in Clare, Ireland; Hudson, New York; and Changwon, South Korea.

Dazzle: Dissolve
Solo Exhibition by Robert Platt
The Burren College of Art, Clare, Ireland. 
August 11 — September 242016

Platt’s first solo exhibition in Ireland presented a dynamic confluence of architectural installation, performance, razzle-dazzle murals, paintings, moving image, and the mediated reality of optical filters. Visitors experienced a hypnotizing multidimensional way of looking that is not singular, but contextual and responsive as a new understanding of the complex nature of vision and landscape appreciation unfolds.

Blinds: Robert Platt Solo Exhibition
October 28 – November 202016 
The Incident Report Viewing Station
Hudson, New York

The Incident Report is an experimental viewing station located in Hudson NY, This unique space offers a interface between the diverse community and the concepts and issues
generated by artists and thinkers. In this context Platt exhibits an improvisational installation based on concealment, seeing and being seen. The space offers a meeting point between public and private, inside and outside that brings new relationships to the artists research in vision, spectatorship and landscape theories.

Derelict Man in The Garden of Mirrors: Robert Platt Solo Exhibition
November 4 — December 32016 
Gallery Gowoon
Changwon City, Korea

Incorporating an overriding atmosphere of dissolution Platts first solo exhibition in Korea invites a complex set of dialogues between contemporary spectatorship, our relation to image and indeterminacy and the habitual tendencies in landscape appreciation. The work presented in Derelict Man’ encourages embodied visual processes where the dialectics of landscape and vision are not always revealed at first sight. Frequent states of indeterminacy activate a new awareness of the alternation between stable structure and the moving dynamic appearances between artificiality and naturalness, control and unbounded randomness. Platt’s diverse approach to creative practice explores a range of potential that make up the enigmatic pleasures and meanings of our interaction in the built, natural and virtual environment.