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Rob Brancheau Finds Inspiration to Design the Ford Maverick

A man in a tan suit and blue shirt stands next to a red pickup truck
Ford Mav­er­ick Col­ors and Mate­r­ial Designer Rob Brancheau Photo: Ford 

In a new arti­cle from The News Wheel, Rob Brancheau (BFA 08), Senior Color and Mate­ri­als Designer of the new Ford Mav­er­ick, shares the story of the inspi­ra­tion behind the inte­rior design for the Lar­iat trim level. 

Inspi­ra­tion can strike any­where and any­time — includ­ing the moments before dig­ging into some tan­ta­liz­ing take­out. Just ask Rob Brancheau, col­ors and mate­r­ial designer for the all-new 2022 Ford Mav­er­ick, who hap­pened upon his muse for the com­pact truck’s fan­ci­est inte­rior while wait­ing to grab Chi­nese.

While the Mav­er­ick was in devel­op­ment, Brancheau had a few moments to kill before receiv­ing a suc­cu­lent meal and found him­self brows­ing a cloth­ing store. There, a pair of Levi’s shoes caught his eye. Their deep navy hue, com­ple­mented by brown leather and con­trast stitch­ing, set off a lightbulb. 

Brancheau and his team were look­ing to crack the Mav­er­ick Lar­iat — the most opu­lent ver­sion of Ford’s new bud­get-friendly pickup. The design was in place, but they still needed to flesh it out with a fresh palette. In his hands — and, even­tu­ally, on his feet — Rob had his answer.

Ford Mav­er­ick Lar­iat Inte­rior Inspired by Fancy Shoes and a Chi­nese Food Run | The News Wheel