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Rob Brancheau Finds Inspiration to Design the Ford Maverick

A man in a tan suit and blue shirt stands next to a red pickup truck
Ford Maverick Colors and Material Designer Rob Brancheau Photo: Ford 

In a new article from The News Wheel, Rob Brancheau (BFA 08), Senior Color and Materials Designer of the new Ford Maverick, shares the story of the inspiration behind the interior design for the Lariat trim level. 

Inspiration can strike anywhere and anytime — including the moments before digging into some tantalizing takeout. Just ask Rob Brancheau, colors and material designer for the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick, who happened upon his muse for the compact truck’s fanciest interior while waiting to grab Chinese.

While the Maverick was in development, Brancheau had a few moments to kill before receiving a succulent meal and found himself browsing a clothing store. There, a pair of Levi’s shoes caught his eye. Their deep navy hue, complemented by brown leather and contrast stitching, set off a lightbulb. 

Brancheau and his team were looking to crack the Maverick Lariat — the most opulent version of Ford’s new budget-friendly pickup. The design was in place, but they still needed to flesh it out with a fresh palette. In his hands — and, eventually, on his feet — Rob had his answer.

Ford Maverick Lariat Interior Inspired by Fancy Shoes and a Chinese Food Run | The News Wheel