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Review: Christo at the Michigan Theater

Christo michigan theater 1
Photo by Adrian Deva 

Christo’s October 5, 2017 Penny Stamps Distinguished Speaker Series presentation is featured in a review by Jenn McKee at the Ann Arbor District Library’s pulp blog.

Upon finishing this quick survey of his work, Christo stood on the Michigan Theater’s stage and alternated his attention between two microphones positioned at the head of two aisles, as audience members waited their turn to ask questions like, How do you pay for your projects?” (by selling more portable and permanent works of art) and What do you do with the materials after the installation ends?” (he sells what can be recycled).

I have no stocks, no bonds, no inheritance,” said Christo, noting that he still works in a modest studio with no stool (“I stand 15, 16 hours a day) and no assistant. I need to sell permanent things to build projects.”

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