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Rebekah Modrak Interviewed by Arshake

Stamps tara2

Arshake recently published a two-part interview with Stamps Associate Professor Rebekah Modrak and her collaborative partner Marialaura Ghidini. The conversation between them and Arshake Editiorial Director Elena Giulia Rossi explored the nature of the curatorial project #exstrange and its relationship with the art market, the contemporary art system, the concept of site-specificity on eBay, the economics of the auctions, and exchanges between artists and bidders. Learn more about the #exstrange project online: http://​exs​trange​.com/

Arshake (reinventing technology) is an atelier for contextualizing technology and art in the wider cultural context by presenting new projects that deconstruct, reinterpret and reinvent art in its encounter with varied disciplines. 

Arshake interview Part 1, Part 2