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Rebekah Modrak in Metro Times

Rethink shinola

In an article for the Detroit Metro Times, writer Devin Culham chronicled the adverse reaction many had to Green Book director Peter Farrelly’s plug of the luxury goods brand Shinola in his thank you speech for Best Original Screenplay at the 2019 Oscar Award Ceremony. Farrelly’s thank-you speech for Best Original Screenplay concluded with and Shinola watches – unbelievable, they’re saving Detroit!” In Cullham’s critique, he cited Stamps Professor Rebekah Modrak’s criticism of the company in her work ReThink Shinola:

In 2017, University of Michigan professor Rebekah Modrak analyzed how the company used Detroit and racial tropes like the white savior” in its marketing for her project Rethink Shinola.”

Oscar-winning Green Book’ director thanks Shinola for saving Detroit’ | Metro Times