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Rebekah Modrak: Article Referenced in NYT

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Bougie Crap”, an article by Stamps Associate Professor Rebekah Modrak, was referenced in today’s edition of The New York Times.

In Shinola Takes It’s Detroit Cool’ Message On the Road”, Alex Williams quotes from Modrak’s article, originally published in Infinite Mile in 2015. Williams’ article appears in the January 7, 2016 edition of The New York Times online and in print (page D1). 

Last February, to cite just one example, Rebekah Modrak, an associate professor at the University of Michigan’s school of art and design, made Shinola Exhibit A in an online essay that took aim at bougie” garbage (she used a stronger term) that uses the design aesthetic of calculated authenticity’” and serves as a harbinger of an invasion by moneyed outsiders.

Shinola Takes Its Detroit Cool’ Message on the Road — The New York Times