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Profile: Beiatrix Pedrasa

Name: Beiatrix Pedrasa
Hometown: New York City
Year: Sophomore

Why Stamps?

I came to Stamps because it is a small art school connected to a large university. The resources here are vast. I love art but I’m also really interested in Computer Science, so I decided to pursue a double major in Art & Design and Computer Science (LSA).

What I love to do:

I have always been a huge nerd, so I spent (and still spend) much of my life consuming cartoons, comics, videos, films, and games. Being in art school has absolutely helped me flesh out these interests and cross over from the consuming side to the creating side. The professors here are wonderful resources. I wish I had more opportunities for studio electives, but Lynda tutorials will have to do for now!

Favorite class so far:

I really enjoyed TMP3 (a foundations course in time-based work) that I took this past fall semester. It fueled my love for video and music and helped me hone in on my software abilities. I also took Matt Kenyon's Video Game class and that was a lot of fun. I even won the "most plays" competition with my game, Captain Monday. I would love to explore more animation and 3-D modeling. So many classes so little time!

Favorite Creative Tool:

My Macbook Pro. I know literally every other art student has this laptop, but computers resonate with my soul. And owning an Apple computer has genuinely changed my life - and I say that not as a passive consumer but as an active creator. As an explorer of art, tech, and its intersections, I use it heavily for both recording ideas and actually producing interdisciplinary work. I also carry a moleskine around everywhere, simply because I haven't found a better or cheaper sketchbook. My favorite writing/drawing implements are the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Paper Mate Flair Medium pens, 5mm mechanical drafting pencils, and generic ball point pens.

Why did you decide to curate the SPACETIME CANVAS show?

Somewhere on the internet (incidentally, while doing research for PRISMO), I came across a guy called Rafaël Rozendaal who had started “BYOB”, a projector show that became a worldwide movement. (BYOB stands for "Bring Your Own Beamer," where "beamer" happens to be what Europeans call a "projector.") He brought together a group of art friends who all had projectors, and had everyone project at the same time. The result of this is the illusion of standing inside the internet. And I thought, “Wow, I am stealing this immediately. Let's bring it to the art school!” Thus, SPACETIME CANVAS was born. I curated this show with the hope that I could bring together people interested in time-based media – film, animation, projection mapping, sculpture, audio, performance, multimedia, etc. – and inspire more people to experiment with it. Also, since the projector above the stairs has disappeared at the moment, there is no place for time-based art to live! So, at least for one night, they have a home in this glorious cacophony of light and sound.

Check out more work by Beiatrix on Tumblr.