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PowerArt: Vote for Ann Arbor Public Art

Tale of Oden Gao
Image: A Tale of Oden, Yiyi Gao 

Keep the quirky charm of Ann Arbor alive by voting on the next batch of traffic box artists through PowerArt, an Arts Alliance project. A jury has already selected the first 13 works — three of which are Stamps alums, and one of which is a current Stamps student. Congrats to Parisa Ghaderi (MFA 14), Nawal Motawi (BFA 88), Bruce Worden (BFA 97), and Xiang Li (BFA 19).

Now the public gets to decide on the remaining four artists — among their seven options, four are Stamps alums and one is a current student! Congrats to Elise Beckman (BFA 14), Walter Griggs (BFA 75), Leslie Sobel (BFA 83), Jill Stefani Wagner (BFA 78), and Yiyi Gao (BFA 19).

Voting is open through May 18, 2016: http://​www​.a3arts​.org/​p​u​b​l​i​cvote