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Phoebe Gloeckner Interviewed

Unnamed 6

Stamps Associate Professor Phoebe Gloeckner was profiled in the Wednesday, january 17 edition of The Michigan Daily.

Cartooning for me is a language that is not solely visual — the words and the images don’t stand alone … they come together to form something else.”

It is early evening as I sit in the studio of artist Phoebe Gloeckner, an associate professor in the Stamps School of Art & Design. Though best known for her semi-autobiographical graphic novel Diary of a Teenage Girl,” Gloeckner has worked as a medical illustrator, published two full-length graphic novels and seen countless comics printed in journals and magazines. She is fascinating and passionate, and The Michigan Daily had the pleasure to chat with Gloeckner and gain insight into the world of comics and cartooning.

Gloeckner’s attic studio is large and eclectic; the ceilings are high and something is occupying every nook and cranny of the space. In the center of the room, the floor is made up of a sandy-dirt mixture. Each wall is uniquely decorated — no section is left bare. One wall is hidden by books while another boasts shelves lined with cloth dolls. There’s a storage room containing every art supply imaginable, and a tall ladder in the sandy center leads to a loft occupied by what appears to be miniature film sets.

Artist Profile: Phoebe Gloeckner on the language of comics | The Michigan Daily