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Performance Laboratory: THE SMALL SHOW

Small Show 1

A&D alumni Emilia Javanica (MFA 2012) and Carrie Morris (MFA 2008) have been co-curating The Performance Laboratory, an ongoing performance series, for two years in Detroit. Encouraging original works and the exploration of new ideas, The Performance Laboratory aims to facilitate impassioned dialogue around the possibilities that lie within performance. The event takes place every other month at Detroit Contemporary, offering a consistent venue for ideas to be shared and developed, new artistic partnerships to be made, and a supportive and diverse community to gather. Over the course of two years, The Performance Laboratory has hosted over 17 multidisciplinary performance events, featuring artists from Detroit and beyond. Completely volunteer-run and free for the community to attend, its audience has grown from just a few to standing room only at every event. In celebration of the two-year marker, the April show will feature performers from Detroit, Ann Arbor, and as far as Berlin.

Friday, April 19 at 8pm 
Detroit Contemporary

5141 Rosa Parks Blvd, Detroit

Featuring new work by: 
M.H Wong, Dr. Skipper, K.G. McGowan & Dornhuber Bellesiles
Julian Sharifi
Saramin & Hudpucker 
Naia Venturi 
Rebekka Parker 

For more information, contact: reallyradperformance@​gmail.​com
On Wordpress: http://​thep​er​for​mance​lab​o​ra​tory​.word​press​.com/
On Facebook: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​p​a​g​e​s​/​T​h​e​-​P​e​r​f​o​r​m​a​n​c​e​-​L​a​b​o​r​a​t​o​r​y​/​139602749441643
On Twitter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​P​e​r​f​l​a​b​o​r​atory

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