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Parisa Ghaderi - Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective

Parisa Oct28

I’m decaying in my white dress, by Parisa Ghaderi (MFA candidate), will be featured in the exhibition at the Pam Foss Fine Art Gallery, St. Michaels, MD from Nov. 1 — 24.

Women’s Right’s: An Artist’s Perspective is an exhibition in support of Women’s Rights and the passage of the ERA. Artists were asked to become part of the celebration and effort to ratify the ERA through expressing their voices and showcasing their art. Art displayed is in all media that speaks to, examines and explores the social, political and economic issues related to women’s activism; art that expresses the women’s perspective on issues of women’s rights, political rights, reproductive rights, the ERA and issues of societal control. The art ranges from literal to poetic, abstract to representational, and psychological, to social and political commentary. Many of the works explore the concepts of being a woman in today’s global society and how social constructs define their experience whether internal, external, imagined or imposed, and how this defined and shaped identities, relationships, ideas and politics. It is the intention of Unite​Women​.org to present these issues in visual form, creating a public forum for action, reaction, and informed discussion. 

Opening will be Saturday, November 2nd at Pam Foss Fine Art, St Michaels, MD.