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Pamela Becker: The New Domestics


Work by Stamps alumna Pamela Becker (MFA 81) is featured in The New Domestics: East Coast/​West Coast, on view October 7 — November 17 at the HCAD Gallery at the Hillier College of Architecture and Design at NJIT in Newark, New Jersey.

This exhibition brings together twelve female artists, six from the West Coast and six from the East Coast, whose work explores the struggles and experiences of modern womanhood. By relying on stereotypically feminine artistic forms, including sewing and weaving, the artists invite the viewer to question our culturally accepted norms of feminine expression.

Becker’s work focuses on the use of textiles and other mediums to create objects that communicate thoughts or experiences through the use of shape, color and abstract patterning. Her goal is to speak about the beauty and fragility of the world around us using everyday materials and techniques. Learn more about Becker’s work at pame​lae​becker​.com.

The New Domestics: East Coast/​West Coast
October 7 – November 172019

HCAD Gallery, Hillier College of Architecture and Design at NJIT
Weston Hall 340
University Heights, Newark, New Jersey