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Osman Khan: “On Which Side, The Barbarians?” in Hyperallergic


Stamps Associate Professor Osman Khan’s On Which Side, The Barbarians?, on display at Public Pool (3309 Caniff St, Hamtramck) through October 22, was recently reviewed by Sarah Rose Sharp for Hyperallergic.

With its title, On Which Side, The Barbarians? poses a simple philosophical question, but unraveling the complexities of one’s own psyche is never a straightforward matter. The external world may be fraught with politics, imposed identity, violent action, and grim comparisons, but our internal space is no less messy — and perhaps more. Khan has provided an intensive experience, bravely and effectively allowing visitors to rummage through his psychic baggage. With his good humor and self-reflection, he seems to be the first to acknowledge that, despite all that the world has done to us, some of our damage belongs to no one but ourselves.

An Immigrant’s Dual Identity Manifested as a Divided Exhibition | Hyperallergic