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Osman Khan: New York Times Review of ‘99 Cents or Less’

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Laura McDermott for The New York Times 

Stamps Associate Professor Osman Khan is quoted in Chris Hampton’s New York Times review of the MOCAD summer exhibition, 99 Cents or Less.

Hanging in the main gallery space, Osman Khan has built a 13-foot donkey piñata he called The Allegory of the Horse” after a Mongol story in which a high priest instructs survivors of a famine to sacrifice their horses in order to be showered with gifts from the gods. For Mr. Khan, his donkey-horse represents labor.

During the first week of August, the piñata will be bashed open and out will tumble an egg separator, graduation party favors, lawn ornaments, all of the most useless things I could find,” Mr. Khan said. He will sacrifice the horse — now, for the riches of the dollar store.

In Detroit, Artists Explore the Riches of the 99-Cent Store | The New York Times