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Omar Sosa-Tzec Speaks about Delight at International Design Conference

Photo talk senses 2019 01

Stamps Assistant Professor Omar Sosa-Tzec presented his academic research on the elements of delightful products and services at Senses & Sensibility 2019, the Biannual International Conference on Design. The Senses & Sensibility Conference is organized by the Unit of Research on Design and Communication of the School of Design, Technology, and Communication of the IADE Universidad Europeia. Senses & Sensibility took place in Lisbon, Portugal, November 27292019.

Sosa-Tzec discussed insights about delight derived from marketing research, connecting them with aspects related to the notion of experiential qualities and aesthetics of interaction. He also introduced the concept of design delight, which he defines as a set of six experiential qualities, namely, engagement, surprise, vitality, cuteness, serendipity, and reassurance. To exemplify the application of this framework, Sosa-Tzec showed design work being developed by Stamp students who collaborate with him in a research project funded by the MCubed program of the University of Michigan Office of Research.