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Nick McIntyre: Union Hall Exhibition

January 16, 2021

Work by Nick McIntyre (BFA ’20) is on display at Union Hall Exhibitions at 208 W. Liberty, Ann Arbor through January 20. McIntyre’s work can be viewed at any time of day from Liberty Street.

In his statement, McIntyre writes, “I started writing down my thoughts, day by day, into a tablet I used for drawing. At first, they were a list of potential poster ideas, but once I started to see my thoughts build up in quantity, they began to take on a different meaning and form. This is when I started to get more abstract with how I translated my thoughts; an example of this is how I would take a thought, boil it down by stripping away details such as descriptive words, playing with the main idea, and ultimately, create a message that could plant itself in the mind of the viewer, forcing that viewer to try and make sense of the cryptic script, like song lyrics that brush against the ear.”

Nick McIntyre: Union Hall Exhibition