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Nick Tobier’s City of Carts at the Queens Museum of Art

Gr jetpack cart

With the Panorama of New York as its base of demonstration, City of Carts leverages the micro-infrastructure of NYC food vending carts, from hot dogs to buttered rolls, projecting future uses for a fleet of iconic vehicles on a citywide scale by proposing imaginative visions for the social lives of our street corners alongside utilitarian networks.

The Panorama is a 1/200 scale model of NYC, including every building, and planes taking off and landing at the airports.

Using census and GIS data to illuminate under served neighborhoods on the Panorama with overhead projections to view images and impacts of the carts, on Sunday May 18 from 2:30 to 4:30, City of Carts, presented as part of Open Engagement proposes food incubators, residencies, services and celebrations ready to roll.