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Nick Tobier: The Secret World of Dogs in India

No One Knows Final1 700x1024
One of the final proofs of Nick Tobier’s sketches: Credit: Nick Tobier 

A new article by Mandira Banerjee for Global Michigan shares the results of Stamps Professor Nick Tobier’s recent travels in India, including new sketches, comics, and stories about the people and animals that share Bangalore’s city streets. A collection of these comics was published last month in India’s Vérité magazine.

When Nick Tobier, a professor at the University of Michigan, traveled to India last year, he encountered dogs in a way he had never before.

In Bangalore, he would venture out to familiarize himself with the city. The many dogs he saw especially caught his eye — more so than the other animals like monkeys and cows that often are seen on Indian streets…

He started taking photos. He started sketching them. But one night, when one of the house cats disappeared, the dogs took a menacing shape.

The secret world of dogs in India | Global Michigan