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Nick Tobier: The Illuminator’s State of Emergency

Tobier illuminator

Stamps Professor Nick Tobier’s work is part of a curated projection on public buildings in NYC. The project, State of Emergency, curated by Nina Felshin and Lenore Malen, appeared this summer at the Queens Musuem. This past November, it appeared on the façade of the New Museum in New York. 

The Illuminator is an art collective that describes its mission as one that disrupts the patterns of everyday life, and embodies the social and political transformations for which the occupy movement/​99% movement continues to fight.”

Other artists include Nina Katchadourian, Pussy Riot, Mary Lucier, Dread Scott, Martha Rosler, and Zoe Beloff.

In a Guerrilla Video Art Projection, 60 Artists Illuminate our Political Crisis | Hyperallergic