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Nick Tobier: Spontaneous Interventions, Chicago

Car chorus 1

Nick Tobier and Regin Igloria present Songs and Sounds for Cars, a vocal ensemble that accompanies the passing traffic: Tues., Aug. 6 from 7 – 7:45 pm at the corner of Central Park and Lawrence Avenue, Chicago. Four blocks west of the Kimball stop on the Brown Line. 

Following the performance, join Igloria and Tobier for a discussion on the role of cultural spaces that operate in the places, neighborhoods and arenas of daily life: Wed, Aug. 7, 3:30 pm at The Chicago Cultural Center. 

What are the distinctions to be made between museums and cultural centers as destination points and places inextricably linked to the daily lives of communities? Rather than limiting ourselves to separate specialized arenas of cultural spaces can we enrich lives and work through cultural practices adjacent to the stuff of daily life? If so, what are the commensurate impacts or contact points made by engaging audiences and participants who lead busy lives. We suggest that these practices play a key role in provoking new imaginative visions of public life through unlikely alliances between art and commerce, between civic life and its citizens, and by insinuating cultural frictions and dialogues into everyday life.

Regin Igloria is an artist, marathoner and community arts agent through North Branch projects, a storefront book binding facility and exhibit space in Albany Park. 

Nick Tobier is an artist and designer working in Detroit with the social lives of public places, both in built structures and events. He has designed and/​or activated bus stops, farms, kitchens, boulevards, and have worked within and without municipal structures in Detroit, Tokyo, Toronto, San Francisco.

Both events are part of the exhibition Spontaneous Interventions: Design Interventions for the Common Good, at the Chicago Cultural Center.