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Nick Tobier published in “What is Small Architecture”

Nick Tobier Story

Stamps professor Nick Tobier’s essay, Architecture for Trash, was included in What is Small Architecture, recently published by ARCHIVE Books. 

This volume of the publication includes projects and essays from designers worldwide, including Tobier’s essay on the design and deployment of dumpster enclosures, local building codes, and a particular vernacular of designing to either disappear or to clean up the rougher edges of the built landscape that we would prefer not to focus on.

Excerpted from Tobier’s essay, Architecture for Trash:

There is a little building you are not supposed to notice.

Surrounded by a wall, fence or gate at the edge of the Culver’s parking lot, this building is doing its best to go unremarked. With neither roof nor windows nor discernable doors, but with a padlock on its gate, this open-air enclosure mirrors the exterior cladding of its nearest neighbor.

But this is not just one isolated building to ignore. This is a typology.
Who designs these?.…

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