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Nick Tobier: No One Knows Published in India

Nooneknows opening

Nick Tobier’s No One Knows was published in the 2018 volume of VÉRITÉ, the new name for what was earlier called Comix India magazine. According to the editor, Bharath Murphy, Vérité’, the French word for truth’, seemed just about right to encourage creating comics that express reality in a truthful and unflinching manner, comics that don’t shy away from difficult subjects, comics that don’t merely show off art styles, but those that confront reality head-on.

The first issue of Vérité features Indian, Japanese, an the sole American, Nick Tobier. Indian artists featured are Anpu Varkey, Biboswan Bose, Shaunak Samvatsar, Nandita Basu and Bharath Murthy. Mitsuhiro Asakawa, the Editorial Adviser for the Japanese section, has selected some amazing alternative manga artists: Tadao Tsuge, Susumu Katsumata, Youji Tsuneyama and Tsugio Tsugino. Tadao Tsuge is a critically acclaimed artist and one of the key contributors for the 1960s cult manga magazine Garo, who along with his brother Yoshiharu Tsuge revolutionised manga.