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Nick Tobier: MDE 15 / Medellin Quadrennial

Medellin street

Stamps Associate Professor Nick Tobier will take part in MDE 15: Local Stories / Global Practices, the quadrennial International Art Encounter of Medellín, Colombia.

MDE 15: Local Stories / Global Practices creates an engagement with a city in transformation. Working on Medellin, Colombia city streets with locally grown bamboo to build experimental structures in the public realm, Nick’s projects will activate alleyways, parking lots and bus stops and outdoor markets. These structures and their activities will have a later home at the Museo Antioquia in Medellin.

Organized by Medellín’s Museo de Antioquia, MDE15 (International Art Encounter of Medellín) inserts itself in the social fabric of the city while sharing stories, experiences and practices from around the world.

The International Art Encounter of Medellín (MDE) is one of Colombia’s biggest art events. Organized by the Museo de Antioquia, it takes place in Medellin, Colombia, every four years. The Encounter activates the city’s cultural life and makes visible artistic processes that range from the production of conventional or exhibited work to the results of community-based practices that may not normally be considered suitable for viewing in traditional exhibition venues. This year’s edition, MDE15, focuses on the theme of Local Stories / Global Practices.

Led by Artistic Director Nydia Gutierrez (Chief Curator, Museo de Antioquia), the curatorial team includes Curator of Public Art Agency Edi Muka (former Director of Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art), Curator of Contemporary Art Sharon Lerner (Museo de Arte de Lima, Peru), Fernando Escobar (independent artist and researcher, Bogota), and Tony Evanko (Director of Casa Tres Patios, alternative art space, Medellin).

MDE15 (International Art Encounter of Medellín)