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Nick Tobier awarded Graham Foundation Grant


The Gra­ham Foun­da­tion selected Nick Tobier’s Small(er) Build­ing Types for a project grant The Gra­ham Foun­da­tion.

Small(er) Build­ing Types
is a com­pendium of the small build­ings whose tec­tonic forms you are not sup­posed to notice, but whose social roles punc­tu­ate daily rou­tines. Sur­rounded by a com­mer­cial canopy adver­tis­ing off-brand beer, or at the edge of the Culver’s park­ing lot, these build­ings are doing their best to go unre­marked. But this is not just one iso­lated build­ing to ignore. This is a typol­ogy. Who designs these? Are they the prod­ucts of archi­tects with extreme humil­ity? Or are these small build­ings punch­ing above their weight class for the civic impor­tance they serve? 

Through a series of broad­sides dis­trib­uted and exhib­ited first with their sub­jects as host — Bode­gas, gas sta­tion con­ve­nience stores will be depicted through mea­sured draw­ings, sketches and inter­views with the peo­ple who inter­act with them. 

Founded in 1956, the Gra­ham Foun­da­tion for Advanced Stud­ies in the Fine Arts fos­ters the devel­op­ment and exchange of diverse and chal­leng­ing ideas about archi­tec­ture and its role in the arts, cul­ture, and society.

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