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Nick Tobier and Brent Fogt: FrontRoof Opens at Terrain in Chicago

Terrain gableseat 1

FrontRoof, a collaboration by Nick Tobier and Brent Fogt (MFA 2007), is on view from June 8 — July 5, 2015 at Terrain, 704 W. Higland, Chicago. Reception: June 21, 1 — 4 pm.

The lawn, the fence, the front porch — the public faces of the private structures of our homes all face forward in a gesture that is part welcoming open hand, part stay just a little back. It is where we can be outside and great our neighbors — from a distance. We took one more of these elements — the roof — and brought it out of the sky, like tipping a hat in greeting, transforming it into a place to hang out, and/​or to hide. Front Roof, like the other forward elements presents a public face, and a private face, incorporating a gesture that allows for sociability, and for privacy.