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Nick Azzaro's 'Simple Math, Too' exhibit examines challenging discussions in public schools

Re Reversing Reversed Reverse Racism Nick Azzaro 001
Re-Reversing Reversed Reverse Racism” by Nick Azzaro

Stamps alum, sculptor, installation artist, and former public school teacher Nick Azzaros (BFA 04, MFA 22) virtual exhibition, Simple Math, Too,” in partnership with CultureVerse and with support from the Stamps School of Art & Design, is now viewable at The exhibit of three pieces, Educution,” Re-Reversing Reversed Reverse Racism,” and the Dumb-Dumb Desk and Corresponding Dunce Cap” in their own respective classrooms speak to the challenging but necessary discussions regarding the current state of public education. Using materials that are historically available in under-resourced schools and classrooms, Azzaro supersedes the burdens of working within public school systems with provocative imagery. The exhibit offers audio and written descriptors as part of its virtual experience for ease and accessibility. Appointments are available by request through the end of October.

Dumb Dumb Desk and Corresponding Dunce Cap Nick Azzaro 001
Dumb-Dumb Desk and Corresponding Dunce Cap” by Nick Azzaro

Azzaro started his career with Ypsilanti youth, leading after-school programs for Bright Futures from 2013 to 2020. His dedication continued at Ypsilanti Community High School, where he built a pilot photography program. His students created visually-charged photos on social justice issues, including immigration, race, and class, and went on to win countywide and national awards. Ypsilanti Community Schools entered its tenth year this Fall 2023, the result of two former fiscally failing school districts, Ypsilanti Public Schools and Willow Run Community Schools.

Azzaro says that his exhibition comes at a time when many states are taking extreme measures to silence such discussions in public schools while simultaneously promoting white-washed’ alternatives.’ ” He cites Florida’s outlaw of AP African American Studies, Iowa’s reassignment of public school funds, Kentucky’s SB1 limitations of identity and orientation discussions, and the Virginia governor’s executive order regarding Critical Race Theory as catalysts for the work. 

Meeting students where they are is the first step towards highly effective teaching. Denying them who they know they are or that their life experience is not attached to who they are is archaic and harmful,” says Azzaro.

To learn more about the artist, Nick Azzaro, visit

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Educution Nick Azzaro 002
Educution” by Nick Azzaro