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Nicholas Dowgwillo Presents 3D Printed Woodburytypes


Nicholas Dowgwillo recently presented research and conducted a demonstration on creating Woodburytypes from 3D-printed plates at the 2018 Southern Graphics International Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 52018.

A Woodburytype is a 19th century, continuous tone, photomechanical process in which a thin layer of pigmented gelatin is cast from a low-relief plate to create an image. The relative thickness of the gelatin determines the values (the areas that are thickest are darkest) in the image. Dowgwillo’s process uses contemporary digital fabrication technologies to recreate the historical process.

SGC International is a non-profit organization dedicated to the art of printmaking. Their mission is to provide opportunities for artists engaged in the field of printmaking, papermaking, and book arts and to stimulate appreciation for these art forms through conferences, exhibitions, and education.

Since 1973, SGC International has organized conferences around the country that provide a platform for artists to exchange ideas and information, to educate and inspire, and to cultivate new collaborations and friendships.