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New Stamps School Faculty

This fall, Stamps welcomes three new faculty members.

Professor and designer/design researcher Audrey Bennett; Assistant Professor and designer/design researcher Deepa Butoliya, Ph.D.; and Professor and ethno-mathematician/culture researcher Ron Eglash, Ph.D. will join the Stamps School community in September 2018.

Audrey Bennett


  • Participatory and human-centered design
  • Design thinking
  • Scholarly writing on design
  • Human subjects research
  • Interactive aesthetics
  • Graphic design

Deepa Butoliya

Assistant Professor

  • Industrial Design
  • Speculative and Critical design
  • Low-resource making (jugaad)
  • Decoloniality
  • Architecture

Ron Eglash


  • ethnomathematics and ethnocomputing
  • cybernetics and self-organization
  • generative justice and community-based economies
  • fractal patterns in African architecture, art, and religion
  • indigenous culture and technological hybridity