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Nancy Lorenz: Recent News

Night Sky Screen
Night Sky Screen”/ Nancy Lorenz, 2016/ White gold, mother of pearl, glass, resin and lacquer on six wooden panels/213.4228.6 cm 

In recent months, work by Nancy Lorenz (BFA 1985) has been showcased at Design Miami/​Basel, at the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards, and in the journal Voices in Contemporary Art.

At Design Miami/​Basel, Lorenz’s work was featured at Pierre Marie Giraud, a gallery specializing in unique and limited-edition pieces by international artists working in ceramics, glass and silver. Lorenz, the recipient of a John Simon Guggenheim award, combines post-war abstraction with materials and techniques from Asian and Western craft traditions.

Lorenz was also featured in All That Glitters: Ariel Plotek with Nancy Lorenz”, an article in the journal Voices in Contemporary Art . Facilitated by Ariel Plotek, the Associate Curator of Modern Art at the San Diego Museum of Art, the article includes an interview with Lorenz, who speaks about her growth and technique, as well as the inspiration behind a few of her works.

Lorenz’s work was also featured at this month’s CFDA Fashion Awards. CFDA commissioned Lorenz to use her artistic eye to create stunning designs that were showcased on the invitations, catalog, and red carpet backdrop. 

In creating the designs, Lorenz experimented with several painterly versions of the CFDA logo. The fashion-based nature of the event inspired an interpretation that extended her artistic technique through the movement of liquid gold and the use of elegant materials. Read more: Nancy Lorenz on her 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards Creative