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Najwat Rehman Selected for Rackham’s Annual King Talks

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Stamps MDes candidate Najwat Rehman has been selected to speak at the annual King Talks hosted by Rackham Graduate School. His talk, titled Can Design Help Us Get Out of the Mess it Helped Create?”, investigates the role of design in shaping the world as it is today and explores a path forward that may allow us to build a better world, together.

Rackham’s King Talks are TED-style talks echoing the theme of U‑M’s MLK Symposium. Through this program, Rackham students publicly communicate the relevance of their research to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. Using his current research on climate change and food security in Pakistan as an example, Najwat explores the potential and promise of a design-assisted, collaborative approach to addressing complex 21st-century challenges facing us.