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Mindy Steffen: AER HEAD Comic on Patreon

AERHEA Dpromocover

AER HEAD, a new comic project by Stamps alumna Mindy Steffen (BFA 06), is now on Patreon.

AER HEAD” is now on Patreon! Last January the Future/​Former exhibit featured my submission of a picture about my struggle with creating this long comic series, the kernels of which started when I was a student at U of M. But I’ve taken a leap and made more time to devote to the series, and hope you’ll join me in my journey by becoming one of my patrons!”

I think all artists should know about Patreon — it’s a site where artists fund their dream projects, like Kickstarter but more ongoing. If you click on my link, you can select from a variety of tiers to give you access to different types of content. Students may benefit from just following me because I have a bunch of free posts about how I set up my campaign for Patreon. 

Making this comic series has been a dream of mine for a very long time. For years I’ve pushed it to the side to make a living with other artwork, but the stars have aligned for me to work on this right now and I’ve been frighteningly productive!

Mindy Indy is creating Comics | Patreon 

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