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Michele Oka Doner: “The Trees of My Life” at New York Botanical Garden

Ecstatic Nutrition NYBG Instagram Image May 19 2019

Michele Oka Doner (BSD 66, MFA 68, Hon. PhD 16) will give a special presentation at the New York Botanical Garden on Wednesday, June 12, from 11 am — 12 pm.

Acclaimed artist Michele Oka Doner, NYBG’s 2019 Artist-in-Residence, comes to the Garden for a special presentation in June.

Warm, personal, and accompanied with beautiful images, Ecstatic Nutrition: The Trees of My Life is a revelation and discussion focusing on three giant trees that had a profound influence on Oka Doner’s life and work: a banyan that dominated the landscape surrounding the artist’s childhood home, the night blooming baobab at the doorstep of her local Miami Beach Public Library, and the Australian Pines that caught the wind outside her bedroom windows, literally singing her to sleep.

This special edition of the Tree Dialogues — our series that invites acclaimed authors and artists for fascinating insights into the ways we can learn from and live with trees — kicks off Wellness Wednesdays at the Garden.

Ecstatic Nutrition: The Trees of My Life with Michele Oka Doner
Wednesday, June 12, from 11 am — 12 pm
Reading Room Library, 2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10458 – 5126