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Melis Agabigum: “Material Fiction” featured in Art Jewelry Forum

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Material Fiction, a new article by Melis Agabigum (BFA 13) analyzing the impact that jewelry artists have in creating installation art through reclaimed plastic and waste, has been published by Art Jewelry Forum.

These deliberate choices and treatments of material change the way we perceive the object before us. Our interpretation of the work relies heavily on the story that these materials tell, while our preconceived notions of the material shift from our traditional understanding of what it was in its previous life.
We transition from just creating meaningful jewelry to creating a new experience for the wearer and the viewer — touch, wearability, even haptic qualities are brought to a new light in how the audience interacts with the work. In a similar manner, the treatments of materials in installation art achieve the same purpose as jewelry objects; they raise new questions for the viewer and manifest as a new vessel for thought and spatial interpretation.”

Material Fiction | Art Jewelry Forum