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Melanie Manos Presents New Work for WomxnHouse Detroit

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For the exhibition WomxnHouse Detroit, U‑M Col­le­giate Lec­turer Melanie Manos created a video installation in collaboration with experimental filmmaker Julia Yezbick, commissioned by Kresge Arts in Detroit. Manos also collaborated with artist/​curator Laura Earle on the installation Economic Stimulus,” featuring 3D printed dildos generated by statistics of the wage gap across 29 countries, per The Economist’s Glass Ceiling Index. 

WomxnHouse Detroit features 15 artists in a whole-house installation, echoing the 1972 landmark feminist art project WomanHouse. 

Open Saturdays and Sundays from 9/18/21 — 10/23/21 by reservation via Eventbrite: RSVP here.