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Melanie Manos Performs at CAVE

Jackie Ripper2 crop text

Stamps Lecturer Melanie Manos recently performed as Jackie the Ripper” at the launch party for Barbed Magazines latest issue, Suburbia is Calling” at CAVE Detroit (Russell Industrial Center, 1600 Clay, Detroit, MI).

Barbed, announces the launch of its latest issue entitled Suburbia is Calling” with a performance art party on Saturday, August 18th at 7PM. Barbed is a contemporary art magazine that features studio visits, mini show reviews, and artists from the LGTBQ, Asian, Black, Latino, immigrant and other minority communities. The issue is focused on the theme of suburbia, the interpretation, relationship, and reaction to the concept is originated from an artist call and several studio visits throughout the neighborhoods of Detroit. 

On this evening, artists were invited to continue to interpreted further their understanding of the original idea and created new pieces for the event. Each one prepared a piece; using performance art, the new work will explore culture and body image. Artists performing on the event are; Melanie Manos, As Jackie the Ripper, Manos makes a full-tilt ripping leap into sports cult/​ure, sports hero/​ine worship, gear fetish and machismo. Troy Hoffman performing collaboratively with Starr Delour Shannon, with their piece; Put Your Hands Up, originating from the club context, the formal aspects of the performance become personal codes for Starr’s existence. Gregory Hatch, Costume for skin performance #1: a ritual about toweling off a body you wish could change. And Andrew Mehall with a reading from his article titled HOW DID YOU GOT HERE? (HIDDEN VALLEYS)”. Barbed’s Launch Party is hosted by CAVE Detroit, an independent artist-run gallery located at the Russell Industrial Center, 1600 Clay St, Detroit.