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Megan (Citrine) LaCroix: MONOCHROME Collection Debut

Image of models on a runway, wearing black and white clothing
Photograph by Kyla Preissner. 

On June 15, Megan (Citrine) LaCroix (BFA 14) introduced a new streetwear-inspired collection of apparel & accessories with a runway show at Detroit’s Eastern Market.

Citrine Tangerine MONOCHROME is a collection designed around this year’s Michigan Fashion Week theme of Black and White. This was a good opportunity to work with the timeless value-space of Black & White. Hence the name — MONOCHROME. The collection is full of screen printed fabrics, printed in Megan’s kitchen and handmade jewels that contour the whole body. The fabrics in this collection also feature genuine Detroit graffiti, painted by local artist Richie Blanko. All jewelry is hand made with gemstones and brass. Some clothing items are hand sewn, others machine sewn. Jessica May of 808GyptsyLove is responsible for expertly sewing several of the garments pattered by Megan in this collection. The pair collaborated on a collection during NYFW with Small Boutique Fashion Week in February 2018

The MONOCHROME collection was created in an effort to reconnect fashion with people as well as promote talent in the Metro Detroit community and nurture a motion for thoughtful, slow fashion. The collection also features select leather belts created by Craig Blackmoore and chunky knit hats & a sweater by UMICH Alumni Susan LaCroix, Megans sister.

The Pink fabrics were added after the collection was under way when her friend and fellow artist took her own life. In loving memory of Kali. Gone but not forgotten. This is a message to tell your loved ones you care about them.

The clothing in this collection is so much more than fabric sewn together and is absolutely for all body types & sizes. In every stitch and inch of fabric there are thousands of years of humans creating wearable items. This is an ode to all things handmade and the people behind the scenes putting that intention into their craft.

For more information, visit Cit​rine​Tan​ger​ine​.com.