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McCarter Design Turns 10


After a 24-year career with award winning Pressley Jacobs Design in Chicago, partner Amy McCarter (BFA 84), struck out on her own with McCarter Design in 2010. Ten years later, McCarter Design has garnered its own awards in the industry working with both large global companies and startups alike, in business consulting, healthcare, technology, education and the arts. With the good fortune of long-term client relationships and ongoing referrals, the firm is celebrating its 10 year milestone with their first website, mccar​ter​de​sign​.com.

McCarter Design’s small staff, complete with studio dog (often seen on Zoom presentations), has been supporting their clients during the challenges of 2020 with smart and efficient design solutions — as well as a little humor and positive outlook. 

Learn more: https://​mccar​ter​de​sign​.com