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Matthew Zivich Exhibits at What Pipeline Gallery

Matthew Zivich What Pipeline

Matthew Zivich Exhibits at What Pipeline gallery, Detroit

Work by Saginaw Valley State University Professor of Art Matthew Zivich (B.S. Des, 1960) is on display at the What Pipeline Gallery in Detroit through March 25. The exhibition, Empires and Enclaves, includes four of his architectural models” from the 1980s and four seascape” paintings made of household caulk completed from 2005 to 2009

The five architectural models date from approximately 1987 to 1989 and appear to be typical examples of preliminary, scale-model buildings. Included are representations of iconic modern structures such as Mies van der Rohe’s 860 Lake Shore Drive and Phillip Johnson’s Glass House; and an anonymous government building from Munich during the Third Reich. Fictitious structures include a cenotaph for Mussolini made for an imaginary competition sponsored by the city of Milan, Italy, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Il Duce’s death; and finally, Enclaves is an urban depiction initially inspired by the bombardment of Sarajevo during the breakup of Yugoslavia. 

The caulk paintings in the Leviathan” series represent warships that were instrumental as precursors to revolution or invasion, created using a non-traditional medium such as household caulk. Included in this series are Untitled (Potemkin), Untitled (Aurora), Untitled (Maine), and Untitled (Mystery Sub).”

Matthew Zivich: Empires & Enclaves
Exhibition Dates: February 10 — March 252017
What Pipeline Gallery
What Pipeline 
3525 W. Vernor Hwy 
Detroit, MI 48216